SI News: Nane 492 Horse of the Year 2022 (with video)

Nane 492 KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots


January 14, 2023

Nane 492 KFPS Stallion Competition 2023 © Digishots

On Saturday the 14th of January it was Nane 492 who was elected Horse of the Year 2022 at the Stallion Inspection 2023. What’s more, he was also presented with the Silver Bowl, the prize for the best KFPS Studbook stallion in front of the sjees. Arno Brok, the Royal Commissioner in Friesland, was the person to present the prize to the Bouma family from Stal Henswoude. With Sybren Minkema on the reins Nane 492 treated the audience to a wonderful lap of honour in front of the sjees and was given a standing ovation.

True ambassadors for the Friesian breed

Richard Flier, as the representative of the expert Jury, congratulated all nominees: Jeroen Poll, Jehannes 484, Nane 492 and Imkje ‘fan Panhuys’. ‘Each and everyone horses blessed with lots of talent for the sport and radiating charisma, absolutely true ambassadors for the Friesian breed.’ The election for the Title Horse of the Year 2022 attracted huge enthusiasm, with an enormous number of people who contributed their votes on internet and via After a bit of filtering the emerging outcome proved to be in line with the judgement of the expert Jury, which consisted of Richard Flier, Rinus Loman and Louise Hompe.

Nane 492 KFPS Stallion Competition 2023 © Digishots

From the Jury report:

‘Last autumn and after an injury, Nane 492 became Champion stud stallions in front of the sjees. He can already boast two approved sons, his offspring do well in the sport and that is what represents the future of the Friesian horse. The Title of Horse of the Year 2022 is for Nane 492. Awarding the Title of Horse of the Year to this stallion is an homage to the yearlong partnership between stallion keeper and trainer to lift showdriving sports to a high level and to keep it there! Let’s watch and enjoy that spectacular foreleg and the power of his hind leg, all in the expert hands of Sybren, who is by now getting on a bit in age, and let’s all give Nane 492 the applause he deserves!’

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