Siert 499 to Aftonmora Friesians in Sweden

Siert 499 Sport (Photo: Nadieh Bruinsma/ Stal de Mersken)

The Friesian KFPS studbook stallion Siert 499 (Dries 421 x Sape 381) has a new owner, Aftonmora Friesians in Sweden. Siert 499 was born 2013 and has already managed to earn the sport predicate due to his great performances in sport. During the CO test he showed high quality in work with 80 points in riding, 84,5 and 82,5 points in front of carriage.

Sport horse with capacity for International Grand Prix

“We have for some time kept our eyes open for a sport horse to Aftonmora Friesians, wanting to find that special talent with capacity for International Grand Prix. Siert 499 crossed our path already in the summer of 2018, making a great first impression. When seeing him this summer- one year later, his development was very impressive. He has a fantastic natural talent for sports, showing excellent movements, flexibility, mental strength and willingness to work- all needed to reach the top. Siert 499 is in our opinion a highly underestimated stallion. We have a cooperation with Lisanne Veenje for training and competition and together we are eager to show the Friesian world what Siert 499 is made of…” Says Sandra Åhs Sivertsen, Managing Director at Aftonmora.

Cooperation with Lisanne Veenje

“This year I started the cooperation with Aftonmora Friesians training their horses for IBOP. We have the same philosophy in horse-training and stable management. When they asked me to try Siert 499 earlier this summer to evaluate his talent, I was thrilled feeling the potential. I Iook forward developing our cooperation further, having both Siert 499 and Tymon 456 in training.” Says Lisanne Veenje, Professional dressage rider.

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