Six KFPS theme meetings explaining breeding research on the Friesian horse

During the last members’ council meeting the idea was approved to organize thematic meetings instead of regional meetings as a pilot this fall. The KFPS is organizing six of these innovative meetings in November, during which Dr. Ir. Bart Ducro and Ir. Marije Steensma of Wageningen University & Research will explain the upcoming breeding research. This breeding research concerns selection against hereditary defects while maintaining genetic diversity of the Friesian horse. Genetic diversity is essential for a healthy population.

All KFPS members are welcome to attend these theme meetings which replace the annual autumn regional meeting.

Combination of regional meeting and breeding meeting

The theme meetings are a combination of the regional meeting, which normally takes place in the different regions, and a breeding meeting. Bart Ducro will give a presentation on the breeding research Conservation of genetic diversity of the Friesian horse, in which he will be assisted by WUR student Marije Steensma, well known in the Friesian horse world as board member of the JongKFPS. After the presentation and answering questions there will be time for, among other things, the budget and annual plan for 2023 and a change in the registration regulations regarding DNA verification. Elections have been moved to the spring meetings which will again take place in the regions. A membership council meeting will be held in late November at which the membership council and board will make decisions.

Three in the Netherlands, three abroad

Three theme meetings are planned in the Netherlands: in Leeuwarden at Hotel Van der Valk on Nov. 17 in Zwolle at the Mercure Hotel on Nov. 22 and on Nov. 23 in Eindhoven at Hotel Van der Valk. Each evening starts at eight o’clock, you can take note. Three online meetings are planned for foreign members, also in November. All members will receive the invitation by mail with the agenda and further information, this will also be added to the November Phryso which will be delivered to the members the first week of November.

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