Sixteen finalists Friesian Talent Cup 2021-2022

Foto: FTC

Via a video assessment Jury member Dennis Ausma and guest Jury member Joyce Haaijer have selected sixteen horses for the final of the Friesian Talent Cup. This final is going to take place during the online Stallion Inspection 2022.

The finalists in the mare category (in random order):

Geldou Star AA (Jurre 495 x Jisse 433) with Kenna Bakker
Hanna K (Uldrik 457 x Aan 416) with Marrit Reusien
Heabel Vrouwkje Star (Felle 522 x Feitse 293) with Linda Kouwenhoven
Hetwig fan de Hynderwente Star (Hette 481 x Dries 421) with Yvonne Lieftink
Hiltsje B.L. Star (Nane 492 x Beart 411) with Lilian de Waal
Ieke-Renske (Tymon 456 x Beart 411) with Patricia Bielefeld
Imke v.h. Vechtdal Hoeve Star (Felle 422 x Sape 381) with Ingeborg Klooster
Imre S.R. Star AA (Menne 496 x Thorben 466) with Bo Oudhof

The finalists in the stallions/geldings category:

Gerke v Star (Omer 493 x Uldrik 457) with Jacob van de Heide
Germ B (Nane 492 x Rindert 406) with Harmina Holwerda
Grutte Pier Star (Markus 491 x Wimer 461) with Christina Dijkstra
Gunner Jede Star (Markus 491 x Norbert 444) with Demi van Nuys
Goliath van de Benninger (Hette 481 x Olgert 445) with Ingrid Schenk
Hardy fan ‘e lytse Generael Star (Jehannes 484 x Beart 411) with Corina van de Bunt
Hauke fan de Nijmoanne (Nane 492 x Fridse 423) with Ludo van der Weide
Hidde fan Groenesteegh Star (Jouwe 485 x Uldrik 457) with Sabine van de Loenhorst

Click here for the Jury commentary, links to the videos and results of the other participants

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