Sport Elite predicate for Tymon 456: ‘A major achievement’

July 27, 2020

End of June was his first time back in the ring: Tymon 456. Last Saturday in Urk his rider Lisanne Veenje steered this Andries 451 son to 62,794% in the Prix St. Georges and so after five successful starts the stallion can now flaunt the Sport Elite predicate.
The elegant stallion has been back in the Netherlands only since the end of last year. Owner Aftonmora Friesians put Tymon in training with Lisanne Veenje who gently started him in work. ‘What can you expect?’, she says. ‘During his two years in Sweden the stallion wasn’t trained properly and with his fourteen years he’s not the youngest anymore anyway. But he responded so well to the work that gradually starting in the Light Tour has become our goal’

Superb motivation

According to Lisanne, Tymon’s great advantage is his eagerness to work. ‘He needs no encouragement to work, he is so motivated by himself and absolutely loves the training. When I arrive with his saddle and bridle he becomes ever so happy. That cheerfulness is reflected in the overall appearance under saddle, also when riding tests. He makes such a friendly impression because he radiates positivity.’

An elegant type

Tymon is quite a different horse compared to her Grand Prix stallion Wirdmer. Lisanne: ‘Wirdmer is a macho who makes himself bigger under saddle. Tymon has a lighter, finer build. He’s more the classy type. People often tell me that we are an elegant combination. He is especially good at side-pass in trot and canter. He can perform those exercises with the greatest ease, beautifully crossing over with his legs.’

Competition experience

Lisanne slowly built up the stallion’s training and at home they are already well-tuned in to each other. ‘We’re still lacking in competition experience, which isn’t surprising since we’ve only ridden five tests so far. Our coordination in a competition situation is not yet 100% and that leaves room for little mistakes in our communication. So our scores can definitely go up. But pocketing the highest achievable sport predicate at this stage I find a huge accomplishment on his part!’


‘The period after his move to the Netherlands has worked out well for Tymon’, Lisanne says. ‘He’s in fantastic shape. His being back in the Netherlands is really special and it’s an honour that I’m allowed to ride him. He is an incredibly nice horse with a super sweet personality. A horse like that is such a delight for the rider. I keep on training without putting pressure on him. ‘Time will show where our adventure will take us. Who knows, maybe he is a Grand Prix horse…’

Crown daughter Vajen T

Tymon causes quite a stir as the sire of daughter Vajen T. Horsea – previous Champion at the EC Friesian Dressage Horses 5-year-olds and winner of the Silver Whip – who is owned by Isabelle Vroomans and was awarded the Crown predicate at the inspection at Chardon Stables two weeks ago.

Text: Christine Dijk

Photo: DigiShots

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