Stallion Inspection 2022 online

The KFPS Members’ Council and the Board decided during the Members’ Council meeting on Friday 26 November to have the Stallion Inspection 2022 take place online. After the weekend, everyone with tickets for the Stallion Inspection will be notified.

Continuing to organize the Stallion Inspection with the public would entail considerable costs, while the uncertainty about the presence of the public will only increase, especially given the press conference on Friday evening with the tightened corona measures. The online Stallion Inspection will take place in Harich.

Health is 1 in Breeding Goal

During the Members’ Council meeting, the newly formulated breeding goal received unanimous support. However, with the adjustment of the order of the themes in the breeding goal: health is 1, character is 2, exterior is 3 and sport is 4. More decisions were taken at the meeting. The budget for 2022 was adopted, the reduction in sales administration costs and the IBOP also received the full support of the Members Council and ensure that the KFPS passes the benchmark with comparable studbooks. The amendments to the Stallion Selection Regulations and the House Rules were also adopted.

Control and Guess

A number of changes in the various boards and councils became concrete during the meeting. Tineke Schokker took over the gavel from Detlef Elling, who was praised for the way in which he kept the studbook on course in a difficult time. He will remain involved with the KFPS board in the coming months to bring in the necessary experience. The same applies to Jan Raaijmakers, who will stay on until the spring of 2022. Roelof Bos will extend his term of office until the autumn of 2022. Tjibbe Bosma said goodbye to the Members’ Council and Pieter Wijbenga took his place on behalf of Ta it Bihâld.

New Members

The following juries, councils and committees were reinforced or changed of the guard.
Three new members will join the breeding council: Marc Peter Spahn, Hans Boersma and Tjitze Bouma.
The Performance Jury is supplemented with Ito Werkman and Jos van der Wal.
Sjoerd Ruiter and Janneke Haverschmidt are members of the Structure committee
Members Council Chairman remains John Boot, Mirella van Leeuwen becomes Vice Chairman.
The Stallion Selection Committee, consisting of Chairman Piet Bergsma, Corrie Terpstra and Reijer van Woudenbergh, is supplemented by aspiring Ellen van Gastel.
The Re-Examination Committee will continue to consist of Bart Bax, Jan Hellinx and Sabien Zwaga.

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