Stallion portrait Matthys 504: strong fundament

Matthys 504 (Photo Sjoert Pegge)

Matthys 504 (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) emerged as the performance star of the 2018 collection. Matthys 504 was born as Milan fân Stal Bellefleur in the stables of YoungKFPS Breeder of the Year Stan Derksen in Oosterhout.

At the start of the Central Examination in 2018 the 6-year-old Matthys 504 had already successfully competed in show driving sports and had also acquired the sport predicate for dressage. Matthys 504 is interesting for breeding because he can improve mentality, trainability and movement technique. He is also free of the dwarfism- and hydrocephaly genes. In terms of lineage Matthys 504 does not contribute to outcrossing. Norbert 444- Beart 411 blood is already extensively present in the population of Friesian horses. Matthys 504 belongs to pedigree 2, Anne Brouwer´s high-quality mare line, which gives Matthys 504 a strong fundament in a breed-technical sense. Considering his high breeding values, with e.g. 111 for trot and 110 for conformation, Matthys 504 made the grade for receiving his stud license.

Milan fân Stal Bellefleur

Matthys 504 came into this world as Milan fân Stal Bellefleur, in breeder Stan Derksen´s yard in Oosterhout. Stan purchased Matthys 504´s dam Wylster H. in 2007 as a foal at the inspection in Hengelo, where he bought her directly from her breeder Hermann Vehof, from Rekken in Germany. He launched his breeding in 1991 with the purchase of the 4-year-old Studbook mare Nynke H. (Frans 289), who was bred by Titus Hettinga. Two of the offspring Vehof bred from this Nynke are Model mare Jella (Leffert 306) and her oldest daughter Clara (Krist 358). As a foal Clara received a first premium and at the age of three she became Star with  a second premium. The Krist daughter produced eight offspring in Vehof´s yard from which three obtained the Star predicate. One of these is Matthys 504´s dam: Wylster H. (Beart 411). In 2012, the match between Norbert 444 and Wylster H. resulted in the birth of Milan fân Stal Bellefleur.

Full of go

Wylster H. turns out to be an excellent broodmare. Jaap Boersma, who examined the mare in the context of the Central Examination, found her to be a robust mare with high-quality legwork. Wylster walks with good length of stride and regularity and has good rhythm in trot. Matthys 504´s full brother Gideon fân Stal Bellefleur is last year´s Foal Champion from Hilvarenbeek. ‘All Wylster foals demonstrate an eagerness to go,’ Stan Derksen states. ‘They love moving, showing lots of ‘go’ and impulsion.’ Half-sister Uniek fân Stal Bellefleur (Tsjalle 454) was Foal Champion in Ambt Delden and when still a foal was sold to Sander Frenken. As a 3-year-old she was accepted in the Studbook as Star with a second premium. At the age of four Uniek was upgraded to Star with a first premium. The mare Beau fân Stal Bellefleur (Jehannes 484), born in 2016 and owned by Willem Lokhorst, was among the top four of the yearling category at the Central Inspection. In 2018 she was chosen as Youngster Champion 2-year-olds at the breeding day in Midden-Beemster.

Champion Central Inspection

Titus Hettinga from Arum bred Nynke H. out of Reka Star (Hearke 254), a Zierda Model Preferent (Ritske 202) daughter: the 1971 and 1973 Champion of the Central Inspection and from the predicate-rich line of Anne Brouwer´s breeding programme. In 1997, in his ‘Merriestammen van het Friese paard’ (Mare Lines of the Friesian Horse, ed.) Doede Wiersma concludes his description of pedigree 2 with the following words: ‘This is a pedigree with many generations of pure blood and it is good practice to continue building from this basis. Vitality, wonderful exteriors and fertility are the strongest assets.’


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