Standardisation KFPS Jury and Performance Jury

February, March and April are all about refresher courses and standardisation with the eye on the run-up to the inspection season. The Performance Jury, Inspection and Exterior Jury have met for the purpose of standardisation practices. They asked each other the question: ‘How do you assess this?’ Linear scoring was also on the programme.

Standardisation of assessments

The standardisation process is important so that the Jury speaks with one voice and can provide clarity about the given assessment. It also calls for a necessary ‘bench mark’ in the assessment. Therefore it was agreed that a 6.5 represents the average Friesian horse. So this mark is given when a horse meets the current average. From the perspective of this ‘thermometer’ the mark can be attuned upwards or downwards. It’s obvious that in recent years the Friesian horse has gone through a certain development and this continues to be an ongoing process. That implies that a walk which ten years ago was given a 6.5 differs from a walk that currently or in ten years’ time is awarded a 6.5.

Spreading scores

One of the topics at the meeting was the movement sequence and how to incorporate that in the assessment. It is key to give a clear indication of the range, that provides insights for breeding. The Performance Jury, with their Head of Jury  Hergen van Hall, determines the scores of the performance tests IBOP and ABFP which assesses the horse’s aptitude. The horse’s movement is also assessed by the Inspection and the Exterior Jury. The members agreed to mutually visit each other ‘on the job’.

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