Star stallion Ipke van ‘t Heike (Date 477) Champion in Mexico

De algeheel kampioen en reservekampioen van Monterrey


November 19, 2022
The Overall Champion and Reserve Champion of Monterrey

The 4-year-old Ipke van ‘t Heike Star (Date 477 x Uldrik 457) became Day Champion at the inspection in Monterrey in Mexico. As their Reserve Day Champion judges Jolanda Slootjes and Wil Thijsen chose the 2-year-old Youngster Champion Mieke Ut ‘t Veene (Teun 505 x Felle 422).

The Champion prize

Eight Star stallions

True to tradition, many stallions appear at inspections in Mexico and the one in Monterrey on Friday the 18th of November was no exception. The Jury members gave eight stallions the Star predicate. Day Champion Ipke had heaps of breed expression, an expressive head and a vertical, long neck. He is a longlined stallion but the connection between back and loin section should have a little more muscling. Ipke showed a regular walk that should be slightly more ground-covering. In trot however, he moved with a lot of scope, suppleness and strong use of the hind leg.

Filly foal Mieke Reserve Day Champion

The Reserve Day Champion did not emerge from the rather substantial series of stallions. Instead, this title went to 2-year-old Mieke Ut ‘t Veene (Teun 505 x Felle 422), bred by B. Reinders and in ownership of Rancho San Marco. With her extra breed expression the youthful Mieke became Youngster Champion mares. She has a long, well-shaped neck, good topline and a long, slightly sloping croup. Body shape is good, her feet are a bit small. In walk she was roomy and active, in trot she showed suppleness and moved in an uphill outline with bend in the hind leg.

Xander out of Model mare Judith van ’t Legemar

The Reserve Champion Title stallions was for the 7-year-old Xander van ‘t Legemar Star (Pier 448), a son of Model mare Judith van ‘t Legemar Model AA (Onne 376 x Nykle 309). This Star stallion, bred by the De Jong family from Sint Nicolaasga and owned by Cuadra San Gabriel, has a lot of breed expression and a well-shaped neck. His topline is good and he has positive body shape. Xander moved in an active walk and with suppleness. His trot was roomy but the hind leg should step further under the body.

Youngster Champions stallion category

Older as well as younger stallions were presented at the inspection. In the end it was the 2½-year-old Max W.T. (Sipke 450 x Epke 474) who snatched up the Champion Title after having received a second premium. Max was bred by J. and A. Weghorst in Tubbergen and his present owner is Jesus Roberto Perez. He has an expressive head with a somewhat heavy head-neck connection. Body shape is a little downward, otherwise he has good proportions in terms of conformation. Max has correct stance of legwork, the feet are a bit smallish. The stallion walked with rhythm and scope. In his roomy trot he showed good use of the hind leg.

The Reserve Championship went to the youngest of the lot: Tsjalling van Waberg (Beart 411 x Maurits 437), owned by Rancho San Marco and bred by L. Tiefenbacher. The elegant Tsjalling was given a first premium, he is longlined with a good topline. The colt would benefit from a bit more length in the foreleg. He had an active walk with satisfactory length of stride. In trot he moved with good posture and ground-covering strides.

Two Star mares

The judges could award two Stars in the mare category. The 5-year-old Foalbook mare Dycke J. (Eibert 419 x Tsjalke 397) earned a Star with a second premium and became Champion of the mares. Dycke was bred by M. Jellesma and is owned by Eduardo Aguirre Jimenez. She flaunts a noble head, good-sized poll and a fine crest. The mare has a proportionate build, but the loin section should be a little stronger and the legwork slightly lacks quality. Dycke walked with good suppleness and bend and she presented a trot with impulsion and bend in the hind leg.

The Reserve Title was also for a mare with a Star second premium, Julia fan Eijsinga State Star (Jurre 495 x Reinder 452), who was bred by Anne and Janny de Boer-Baarda and in ownership of Rancho Elpilon Viejo. Julia has a long neck but slightly lacks breed expression of the head. Her topline could be a little stronger, the legwork shows good quality but with slightly sloping pasterns. The 3-year-old mare had an active, roomy walk and showed suppleness. In trot she moved with bend in the hind leg and fine use of the foreleg.

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