Step by step

Time doesn’t stand still. Regardless of Covid-19, our breeders have already welcomed lots of wonderful new-born foals and by now the first 2021 inspections on location are behind us. For the second time running an extraordinary inspection season has gone underway, with a place on the calendar for the IBOP- and ABFP Tests too. Breeding days have been planned and full of expectation we pencil their dates into our agendas. How wonderful would it be to be able to meet in person again this summer!
Till that happens we have to put more energy into our communications. With livestreams, the successful KFPS College Tour which finds its continuation next winter, and hard work too has been done to finalise the news- and background information platform Since mid April our Spanish and German members have their own language edition of where they can find all important information. So from now on this group of members can also stay tuned to everything that happens in connection with the Friesian horse and the KFPS. Since the start all valuable contributions are being translated from Dutch, later the individual associations will also be able to upload their own posts. This is how we continue to develop transparency and exchange, across the world.
By now May has arrived and with that, hopefully together with better weather, a few other things are on the planning. The inspections on location are going to fill the agendas and our screens and we are hoping for a good digital attendance for our – second – online regional meeting on May the 19th. What’s more, this month we are also expecting the outcome of the independent investigations into all the events in the autumn of 2019 in relation to stallion Boet 516, with the aim to improve the governance – the management style – of the KFPS.
A few months have passed now since we commissioned these investigations in the difficult year that was 2020. With the results of the investigations the problems will not just dissolve from one day to the other, but what it will do is put the finger where things went wrong.
We will learn lessons from it and collectively take a positive outlook for the future. For, with every thing we do, we as Friesian horse lovers share one common vision: a vigorous, fertile and powerful Friesian horse. We may never ever lose sight of that.

Detlef Elling
Acting Chairman KFPS

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