Stiennen Hynder for Fryso’s Ceasar (Mees 497)

Sybren Minkema - Fryso’s Ceasar Horses2Fly KFPS Sportcompetitie Tuigen KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots

The final of finals of the Horses2fly KFPS Sport Competition Showdriving was won by Fryso’s Ceasar (Mees 497) – Studbook name Guacho Jede – and Sybren Minkema. So it follows that the Stiennen Hynder, the trophy for the Overall Champion of the Indoor Competition, will go to Frieschepalen.

Father and daughter in final

In this great final the stallion/gelding and mare champions of the Young Riders came together. Crown mare Cecilia von Greifenstolz (Bartele 472) and KFPS Studbook stallion Rommert 498 were presented in the final by father Albert and daughter Lieke. In spite of Rommert’s roomy movement and cadence and Cecilia’s elegance they were no match for the fine forward action of foreleg as shown by Ceasar.


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