Strongly moving Fimke Star (Julius 486 x Sipke 450) Champion in Nevada

Algeheel kampioen Fimke Ster (Julius 486 x Sipke 450) en reservekampioen Luke K.C.F. Ster (Norbert 444 x Beart 411)


October 9, 2022
Overall Champion Fimke Star (Julius 486 x Sipke 450) and Reserve Champion Luke K.C.F. Star (Norbert 444 x Beart 411)

On Thursday the 6th of October in Gardnerville, Nevada (America), the 4-year-old Fimke Star (Julius 486 x Sipke 450), bred by Pier & Darlene van der Hoek, was appointed as the Overall Champion. Next to her as her Reserve Champion this first-premium Star mare found first-premium Star gelding Luke K.C.F. Star (Norbert 444 x Beart 411), the latter bred by KCF Farms and in ownership of Maddi’s Friesian Ranch.

For Jury members Jolanda Slootjes and Willem Sonnema the day kicked off with two good IBOPs. With 80.5 points the 11-year-old Luke Star (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) completed an excellent test. The second IBOP candidate also came from Maddi’s Friesian Ranch: Gregory (Tsjalle 454 x Rindert 406) totted up 77.5 points.

Marieke Ypma is Fimke’s new owner

Fimke made promotion from Studbook to Star with a first premium. Expression of her head is satisfactory and she has a long, vertical neck with good-sized poll. A good topline as well as good croup conformation and length, The Jury members decided. Her legwork is very dry, slightly small-angled in the hind leg and the feet are a little under-sized. Fimke’s walk was roomy, with suppleness and strength and forward action of the foreleg was good. She showed a lot of impulsion and balance in trot with good bend in the hind leg. Since recently, ownership of Fimke has been transferred to Marieke Ypma, who promptly called the breeders to inform them of the good results. For further promotion Fimke fell a little short in terms of trot.

From the batch of five Foalbook mares two received a Star with a second premium: Annette Carpenter’s 3-year-old Jewel’s Black Diamond (Jorn 430 x Aan 416) and Maddi’s Friesian Ranch’s Jamisen MFR (Thorben 466 x Felle 422). Annette Carpenter also went home with a Star stallion: Lawrence EFF Star (Uldrik 457 x Wobke 403).

Andries 415

Andries 415 in fine condition

At the end of the inspection day the Jury members watched a demonstration of KFPS Studbook stallion Andries 415. The by now 22-year-old stallion showed himself in peak condition.

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