Strongly trotting Ela Sterre (Jehannes 484) Champion 4- to 6-year-old mares

Ela Sterre fan de Mersken Kroon AAA. Foto : Johanna Faber.

September 17, 2022

Ela Sterre fan de Mersken Crown AAA Photo: Johanna Faber.

At the Central Inspection on Saturday the 17th of September, Ela Sterre fan de Mersken Crown AAA (Jehannes 484 x Thorben 466) was chosen as Champion of the 4- to 6-year old mares. As her Reserve Champion she found Ilana Jede Crown AAA (Mees 497 x Onne 376) by her side.

Expressive mares

To maintain the momentum of tension, the same format was used for the assessment of the ten (Preliminary) Crown mares as in the category of 3-year-old mares. ‘Here we’re looking at a group of expressive mares who are all strong in movement. Yet, we have been able to rank them in order of quality’, Jury member Jan Hellinx explained. Holding on till the very end were Ela Sterre, bred and owned by the Age Okkema family from Siegerswoude, and Ilana, bred and owned by Stal Jede from Vledder.

Trot distinguishing factor

Showered with compliments for their breeding type, beautiful front and strong exterior, it was the movement that finally decided which of these two ladies won the Champion Title. ‘Ela trots with great front, lots and lots of capacity in the hind leg and generous forward reach in the foreleg’, Jan Hellinx commented. Ilana too moved with great scope and suppleness but ultimately had to accept her superior in the Breeding Day Champion of Tolbert.

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