Studbook office and Fonger 478 support the World Wide Friesian Tour (with video)

Foto: Martine Eppinga

On Ascension Day the people from the KFPS office took their Friesian horses out for a hack and added just under 100 kms to the World Wide Friesian Tour (WWFT) 2022. Among them was KFPS Studbook stallion Fonger 478.

Already 4000 kms on the tally, another 36,000 to go

Fine weather, Friesian horses and the woodlands around Harich; all ingredients were there on Thursday the 26th of May for adding some enjoyable, ridden kms to the WWFT. The tally of each of the six horses under saddle and the two-in-hand team of Friesian stallions (see below) showed around 10.69 kms. That lifts the running score so far to nearly 4000 completed kms worldwide, from 400 routes in fifteen separate countries. The aim is one trip around the world, which amounts to 40,075 kilometres, put together in a collective effort with the Stallion Inspection 2023 as deadline. We would like to mobilize everyone who’s going to embark on a ride of at minimum five kms (under saddle, in-harness or in-hand) anytime over the next weeks/months, to share their contribution with the WWFT! Please check the Facebook page of the WWFT to find out how easy it is to become part of it! And above all to experience how much fun it is to team up with others to get out and about with the Friesian pearls!

A first for Fonger 478

Following the example of Aarnold 471 and Tymon 456 in Sweden, Fonger 478 is the first Dutch-based Studbook stallion who contributes kms to the WWFT 2022. With Hendrik Eppinga on the reins Fonger 478 did his bit in front of the carriage so that everybody could come along on this day. The now 13-year-old Sport AAA stallion managed to slot this ride in despite his busy schedule, as the insemination season is in full swing and notwithstanding the popularity of young stallions, expectations are that Fonger 478 is on course to servicing around 100 mares this year. For this two-in-hand driving tour Fonger 478 found himself in the company of the 4-year-old Grutte Pier Star (Markus 491 x Wimer 461). Fonger fulfilled his role of reliable and stable mentor with gusto.

Fonger 478 (left) with on the right 4-year-old Grutte Pier Star (Markus 491)

Fonger 478 KFPS Stallion Competition 2022 © Digishots

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