Studbook stallion Michiel 442 Sport Elite AA has passed away

Anne Okkema met Michiel 442 (Foto: Henk Bootsma)

KFPS Studbook- and Grand Prix stallion Michiel 442 (Tsjerk 328 x Leffert 306) died at Okkema Stables at the age of eighteen.

Best-behaved horse in the yard

‘We are going to miss this allrounder and great friend of ours’, says Anne Okkema, who had Michiel in his stables for fourteen years. ‘He wanted and could do everything and always kept going’, according to owner and former KFPS Inspector Harm Mulder. ‘And he was also the best-behaved horse in the yard, you could literally let a child ride away on him.’

Early this year Michiel 442 made quite an impression in a four-in-hand team with three of his sons during the Stallion Inspection. Anne Okkema presented the four-in-hand with great flair, with the eye-catching appearance of Michiel 442 being the star. The stallion was a true allrounder. Grand Prix under Bennie van Es, on the beach, being part of a ten-in-hand in front of the carriage. He also knew how to shine at Friesian on Ice, especially when showing off his piaffe on the ice.’

Born in America

Michiel 442 was born in 2004 as Michael W., in Harry Witteveen’s yard, who had emigrated to America and who died in March 2021. Michiel 442 was one of the first America-based stallions who obtained a stud license after the Central Examination, in which he acquired an AA score with his all-round performance. After the first year he returned to Friesland.
The stallion was not all that lucky in breeding. The fertilising power of his semen proved to be mainly effective when used for fresh inseminations. Hence, the legacy of this Tsjerk 328 son is fairly modest. However, considering his total of only 325 registered inseminations, the stallion has truly capitalised on his opportunities, since his offspring definitely know how to attract the eye with their performances. Think of Fardau fan Synaeda, the daughter who became Youngster Champion at the 2019 Central Inspection and meanwhile has risen to Crown with an AAA predicate. Or Thirza fan Jentje’s Pleats Crown Sport AA (Michiel 442), a stunning sight in the harness.
Michiel 442 has sired one Model mare, two Crown mares, ten Star mares, thirteen Star stallions, eight horses have made it to Sport, one to Sport Elite. Two horses achieved an AAA score, eight an AA score.

Offspring in the picture

In the past few weeks this American-bred stallion was positively in the news because of his offspring’s admirable achievements at dressage competitions. The end of Michiel 442 does not mean an end to his legacy. In the next few months several of the Michiel offspring can be marvelled at during the finals of various Friesian Horse Competitions and the Hippiade.

Michiel 442 KFPS Stallion Inspection 2021 © DigiShots

Anne Okkema with Michiel 442 (Photo: Henk Bootsma)

(Photo: Ingrid Truijens)

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