Successful debut for online Friesian foal auction

The very first edition of the Excel Friesian Auction goes down in history as a successful debut. Generating an average of €7.886,- per foal, the organisation looks back on a great night.

Much interest for Teuntsje

The top seller of the night was Teuntsje van Lapinenburg (s.Teun 505). Dutchmen, Americans, and Mexicans were in hot pursuit of this fantastic mover. They went down to the wire, but ultimately the Dutch bidders won the auction and acquired the filly for €15.000. Runner-up was Teade AJ (s.Tymen 503) that will leave for Mexico for €12.000.

Embryo to Mexico

The embryos proved to be in high demand as well. Americans secured the frozen embryo out of Uwkje C. and Dutch buyers can now call themselves the proud new owners of the implanted embryo out of champion mare Ilya fan Jetsje’s Pleats. The virtual gavel fell at €16.000 for this genetic gem.

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