Swedish Helix (Tietse 428) in Medieval spectacle

The popular and touristy isle of Gotland is Sweden changes once a year during the summer into a Medieval spectacle with sport, theatre, a marketplace and games. In previous years more than 40.000 people would come to visit during this week but due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year had been changed into an online event.

Allrounder Helix

However, this year the Swedes we’re confident enough to organise real life events again, with one of them being the jousting tournament. This tournament preformed by the knight company “Torneamentum” had a star role for the Friesian star gelding Helix ( Tietse 428 x Adel 357 ) together with his rider Fredrik Strange. Fredrik is the brother of Swedish KFPS member Helen Hilltorn Bogren and her gelding Helix is a true allrounder which she enjoys driving and riding dressage with. And it’s no coincidence exactly that versatility has made the Friesian horse a very popular breed in Sweden.

Click here for an impression of the jousting tournament with gelding Helix and his knight Sparbancus.

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