Swedish lady driver Amanda Krogstad to World Championships 2023


December 30, 2022

Amanda Krogstad has won herself and her Friesian horses a place on the Swedish National Team. This means she is going to take part in the Swedish Championships, the Nordic Championships, and on top of that it means she has secured a ticket for the World Championships 2023.

Bulk contributor WWFT

Based in Sweden, Amanda has been a fervent two-in-hand driver for years with her Friesian geldings Melle H (Wikke 404), Nero (Aan 416) and Rintsje B. (Reinder 452). With a great number of kilometres on the tally she has also profusely contributed to the World-Wide Friesian Tour, a tour for Friesian horses across the globe.

WC Two-in-hand 2023 in France

The WC Two-in-hand 2023 has been granted to Haras du Pin in France. It is scheduled for the 27th of September through to the 1st of October.

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