Teun 505 and Tiede 501 bulk providers First Viewing

With around thirty sons Tiede 501 and Teun 505 are the undisputed bulk providers at the First Viewing, which is scheduled for the 28th of November until the 2nd of December.

Matthys 504, Yme 507 and Willem 508

The stallions who have their first sons making an appearance at the start of the stallion selection trajectory, are traditionally well represented. This year is no different. Along with Teun 505, the stallions Matthys 504 and the – early deceased – Yme 507 provide a nice collection of sons and so does Willem 508. And then there’s the occasional Ulbe 506 among the entrants. In addition to Tiede 501 we primarily see Tymen 503 and to a lesser extent, Tjebbe 500 and Alwin 469 on the list with sires. Apart from these, the list also features the names of less likely sires, so apparently, people have responded well to the appeal to enter stallions with a wide diversity in bloodlines.

In total 322 stallions

The catalogue for the First Viewing lists a total of 322 stallions, that’s quite a considerable number. In the preceding years there used to be around 300. So the days in Harich are going to be fully booked from Monday the 28th of November to Friday the 2nd of December. The start of the First Viewing is at 08:00 in the morning, scheduling was done on the basis of training stables. Spectators are welcome and every day the presentations can be followed via livestream.

Click here for ordering a catalogue

Click here for ordering a catalogue

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