The KFPS has gained nine studbook stallions

On Saturday, November 11, nine Frisian stallions received their stud certificate in Exloo. Mans van de Gonda, Mayson Jede, Manno fan Burmania, Mr. M. van de Sprong, Melle “van de Brink”, Naud T van Sessing, Dedmer fan de Greidpleats and Jasper all passed their driving and harness exam and were thus promoted. to KFPS studbook stallion and were given a new name and number. Jeroen Poll Ster Sport Elite successfully completed his Shortened Examination and now goes by the name Jeroen 535.

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It was a busy Saturday morning and due to heavy rain the entire program was held indoors. Udo de Haan and Ria Hettinga presented the eight stallions – who had already passed their saddle exam – in the harness section. The topper was Jasper – Jeppe 537. The four-year-old stallion achieved the highest number of points, just like in the riding test. Full of panache and with a beautiful use of the foreleg, Jeppe 537 trotted to 93.5 points in his harness test, with a 9 for the front leg and hind leg, and in the driving part he received a 9 for trot, for flexibility and switching.

Tiede 501, Teun 505 and Fonger 478 as paternal sire

With this nine, the studbook can add two sons of Tiede 501, two of Teun 505, an Alwin 469, a Fonger 478, an Ulbrân 502, a Nane 492 and an Anders 451 to the elite corps. Tiede 501, Teun 505 and Fonger 478 are their first approved sons. All nine have a different mother’s father. The maternal lines from which the stallions descend are also very diverse, with the exception of two stallions from line 50. Eight of the nine stallions are carrier-free. “We would have liked to see more blood spread,” said HKC jury chairman Piet Bergsma, looking back. “But to be honest, it was clear from the first viewing that it wasn’t possible.”

Jeroen 535 (Anders 451 x Folkert 353)

The 12-year-old Jeroen 535 is well-known in international dressage, he is ranked 312 in the FEI rankings. Under the name Jeroen Poll Ster Sport Elite (Anders 451 x Folkert 353), Jeroen 535 achieved great scores with Marc Peter Spahn in the Grand Prix, with the top score being 71.905% June 2022 in Brno in the freestyle. Thanks to his fine sports performances and his relatively low kinship of 17.2% – the lowest of the nine newcomers – Jeroen 535 was included in the Shortened Examination (VO) and thus became a KFPS studbook stallion.

Elger 536 (Nane 492 x Olof 315)

Elger 536 – Dedmer fan de Greidpleats – is a six-year-old son of Nane 492 and bred by Aise and Anneke Bouma from Nes. Elger 536 is an attentive, friendly stallion who is very easy to handle. He is easy to work with under saddle and he already achieved an AAA rating with 85 points in his saddle exam. His walk and impulse stood out with an 8, his appealing canter received an 8.5. Elger 536 – sufferer of hydrocephalus – scored slightly fewer points in the exam.

Jeppe 537 (Alwin 469 x Pier 448)

Jeppe 537 -Jasper – is the performance topper of this year. The son of Alwin 469 from a mother of Pier 448 was bred by J. Loopers from Alteveer. After his highly scoring saddle exam, he made an even greater impression at the driving and harness exam with his light-footedness, beautiful front and strong hind leg. He can handle the work easily. With 89.5 points he already had the highest score in the saddle exam. He received 93 points for the driving exam, the harness test was even good for 93.5 points, with several 9’s in the list of marks.

Nyk 538 (Tiede 501 x Bartele 472)

Nyk 538 – Naud T van Sessing – bred by the Tanck family from Tussender, together with half-brother Martinus 539, is one of the first two approved sons of Tiede 501. The still youthful Nyk 538 comes from Model mare Vrouwkje T van Sessing Model Sport AA. Nyk 538 is a polite and intelligent stallion and a pleasure to work with. In addition to his 82 points – with an 8 for walk – for his saddle exam, he achieved 83 points in his harness test with an 8 for front and hind leg.

Martinus 539 (Tiede 501 x Sipke 450)

Martinus 539 – Melle “van de Brink” – is the second approved son of Tiede 501 from a Ster mother of Sipke 450 and was bred by the Nooteboom-Scholte family from Vegelinsoord. Martinus 539 is an all-round utility horse who received very good marks in all areas, and he has improved greatly during the Central Examination. He is somewhat reserved in character, and has no shortage of enthusiasm and commitment.

Murk 540 (Teun 505 x Loadewyk 431)

Murk 540 – Mr. M. Van de Sprong – is a son of Teun 505 who already achieved great results in his first year with two approved sons from his first class. The mother of Murk 540 is a Kroon AA daughter of Loadewyk 431 and he was bred by Fleur van Kempen from Rijkevoort. Murk 540 is people-oriented and well-behaved and also remarkably sensitive. He is a luxuriously built stallion who moves lightly and can switch gears. His riding test resulted in 83.5 points, for his harness test he achieved 83.5 points with a beautiful front leg and a very good bend in the hind leg.

Manno 541 (Fonger 478 x Andries 415)

Manno 541 – Manno fan Burmania – is the first son of Fonger 478 to be promoted to KFPS studbook stallion. He was bred by Reitze Faber and jointly owned with daughter and son-in-law Klaske and Gerben de Vries, the breeders and owners of Herre 524. Manno 541 shows commitment and workability and he has a good walk. He has three correct gaits where he could show a little more flexibility. During the driving exam, the young stallion impressed with the space and power in his movement.

Menso 542 (Ulbrân 502 x Tsjalle 454)

Menso 542 – Mayson Jede – is a son of Ulbrân 502 and the third of his father to be approved. He was bred by Stal Jede in Vledder. The mother of Menso 542 is Juwiel H. fan Lutke Peinjum Model Sport AA (Tsjalle 454), who became champion mares for the carriage at the Central Inspection in 2022. Menso 542 is a young stallion with a noble head, he is friendly and polite and has a lot of attitude. The stallion is an all-round utility horse, with a natural balance, an active hind leg and a nice wide use of the foreleg. He certainly also has a lot of talent as a harness horse, as the many public in Exloo could see.

Mans 543 (Teun 505 x Norbert 444)

Mans 543 – Mans van de Gonda – komt uit stam 13 van de familie Slagers-Karnebeek uit Goor. Net als halfbroer Murk 540 komt hij uit de eerste lichting van Teun 505. Zijn moeder is een Ster Preferente merrie van veertien jaar met acht nakomelingen. De correct gebouwde, jeugdige hengst is zeer nieuwsgierig en fijn om mee te werken waarbij hij wat meer looplust zou mogen tonen. Met zijn zadelexamen bleek al dat hij een sterke stap en een voldoende galop heeft, maar ook dat hij meer lichaamsgebruik mocht laten zien. Aangespannen toont hij veel statuur en zelfhouding en een stijgende lijn in prestaties.

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