Thea (Bartele 472) trots herself to Model and Day Champion Title in Schlüchtern, Germany

Dagkampioen Thea von der Hlade Model Sport (Bartele 472) en reservedagkampioen Faya vom Schladitzer See Ster (Jouwe 485)


September 26, 2021
Day Champion Thea von der Halde Model Sport (Bartele 472) and Reserve Day Champion Faya vom Schladitzer See Star (Jouwe 485)

In Schlüchtern, Germany, Thea von der Halde Crown Sport A (Bartele 472) was declared Model and honoured as the Day Champion on Sunday the 26th of September.

Impressive trot

The categories of the older Star- and Crown mares in Schlüchtern had a lot of quality on offer. Ralf Reinhardt’s 7-year-old Thea von der Halde Crown Sport A (Bartele 472 x Beart 411) earned herself a first premium. ‘A very imposing, longlined mare,’ commented Jury member Sabien Zwaga. ‘She walked really well and impressed in trot. This mare would have cut a good figure at the Central Inspection.’

Champion ring

Thea was in the champion ring together with the 3-year-old Gerke van de Dompstede (Wimer 461 x Beart 411) who displayed her easy trot with flair and 4-year-old Faya vom Schladitzer See Star (Jouwe 485 x Lolke 371) who appealed to the Jury with her very fine breeding type and good walk. ‘Gerke is a good first-premium mare but fell a little short on exterior to become Preliminary Crown,’ Zwaga pointed out. ‘Faya did become Preliminary Crown as well as Reserve Day Champion.’


In the champion ring Thea von der Halden, bred by M. Junginger, convinced the Jury members with her strong performance and the mare was declared Model. ‘This is where breeding and inspections go hand in hand, because this year Thea gave a foal by Jurre 495,’ Zwaga stated. Thea was, and this was not her first time, the Day Champion in Schlüchtern.

Powerhouse Cecilia

The 5-year-old Cecilia von Greifenstolz Star, again a Bartele 472 x Beart 411 combination concocted by Ralf Reinhardt, was declared Preliminary Crown at the age of three and also became Day Champion at the inspection in Seelitz. Cecilia and rider Lieke Lueks completed an IBOP Test and did it with flair. ‘This mare is a true powerhouse. She has a very nice click with Lieke who could therefore present her at her very best. She displayed lots of quality in the basic gaits.’ All this resulted in 90 points and the Permanent Crown predicate for Cecilia. The fact that Cecilia was nursing a foal by Nane 492 until three weeks ago makes this achievement even more special.

Sebastian Schiller’s 3-year-old first-premium mare Gerke van de Dompstede (Wimer 461) with runner Erwin Spliethof

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