Tieme Visser: ‘Rather one day at inspections than a week’s holiday’

Some lovers of the Friesian horse can be found all over the inspection grounds. Tieme Visser, 55, from Lunteren is one of those people. A top-class breeder who can boast 25 years of success. The fact that success also has a shadow side is shown by the recent upheaval concerning Boet 516, purchased by Visser after the First Viewing. Luckily, his enthusiasm for the Friesian horse has not become any less because of it. He is too much of fan to let that happen.

Fifty Friesian horses

When Tieme Visser’s daughter was given a pony Tieme started carriage driving. Soon a Friesian horse arrived, and another one and another one… ‘At some point I had as many as fifty of them. I think they’re magnificent horses with golden characters.’ He breeds foals every year and when the opportunity occurred he would buy quality mares. Like the then 4-year-old Femke Oo Crown Preferent Performance (Feitse 293): ‘She’s my favourite.’ Next year Femke Oo stands a chance of becoming double Preferent. She has thirteen offspring, including two Model daughters. During his ownership, her Arjen 471 daughter Roos van Visser was declared Model. Son Theodor van Visser Star (Wikke 404) was selected for the Central Examination in 2009.’ Meanwhile Femke is in foal by Boet 516, the stallion Tieme purchased shortly before his approval and who was found to be afflicted by roaring. ‘It has hit me and my family pretty hard’, Tieme admits. ‘But it’s up to the breeders what they think of it.’

Excuse for day trips

Tieme is a member of all breeding chapters. ‘I enjoy having a horse in all places: it’s a great excuse for day trips. I’d rather have one day at an inspection than a whole week’s holiday.’ Tieme shares his hobby of Friesian horses with son-in-law Edwin Gorter, who works at Stal De Nieuwe Heuvel. When the foals are yearlings they are turned out in the field and the selection process begins. ‘We won’t keep working on one that we have doubts about since we have more than enough new stock. We keep selecting and when I believe in a horse then I won’t stop. If things don’t work out at the inspection I won’t hesitate to try again.’ As was the case with Joy M. Model (Pier 448). Tieme bought her as a 3-year-old Studbook mare without premium. A year later she became Champion 4-year-olds and older mares in Oudkarspel and Kroon. In 2018 she even advanced to Model. ‘In the early days I still believed I could earn some money with it, but by now I know better. The return is in the enjoyment you share with the others.’

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