Time flies / de tyd hâldt gjin skoft

My appointment to Board member of our Studbook feels very recent. But thinking of all the wonderful things I have already witnessed it feels more like I’ve been a Board member for at least two years. A few times everything went black, which is just perfect when you’re looking at Friesian horses. The last event I visited, the final assessment in Exloo, was also special. Well-organised and like clockwork, the Jury super-concentrated for the job, many assistants who, often without us realising it, do so much work and of course quite a lot of tension on the part of owners. A compliment for everybody!
It’s great that we are already implementing recommendations from the report about wellbeing. Not two separate in-harness tests, but driving and showdriving in one test, interspaced with a calm phase in walk.

At the moment of reading this column, our new Manager Inspection Affairs Greetje Swart has already started her work for the KFPS. And I hope that I have by then taken over as Chairman from Detlef Elling. It’s quite an honour to be chosen as Chairwoman of such a wonderful, international Studbook. Certainly, there are challenges, but the main thing is that with our black pearls we have such a unique Studbook. But you members have all known that for a long time already. A Studbook with members all over the world. Roughly 50% of the registered Friesian horses are owned by our foreign members. That highlights the importance of our foreign members and that we have to pay attention to what they need. Unfortunately, physical inspections abroad were not possible due to Covid-19. We still have a glimmer of hope left that early next year we can enjoy our buzzing Stallion Inspection again.
Positive news is the fact that the KFPS has again a member on the Board of the Vereniging Koepel Fokkerij (Umbrella Organisation Breeding, ed.). Mr M.H. Pelleboer has served three terms on the Board of the Koepel Fokkerij where he represented Equine studbooks. The Equine Studbooks have nominated the undersigned as a candidate Board member and the appointment was ratified by the General Meeting of the Members on November the 9th. For now: I wish you all lots of enjoyment from our Friesian horses, Season’s Greetings and all the best for the New Year.

Tineke Schokker

Chairman KFPS


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