Tineke Schokker and Ella Wiersma installed as new KFPS Board members

Ella Wiersma (links) en Tineke Schokker met interim voorzitter Detlef EllingElla Wiersma (left) and Tineke Schokker with interim Chairman Detlef Elling

During the Meeting of the Member council on Friday evening the 28th of May, Tineke Schokker and Ella Wiersma received the approval of the KFPS Member Council to become the new Board members. In November Tineke Schokker is going to take over the Chair’s gavel from interim Chairman Detlef Elling.

Experienced managers

Schokker is a very experienced and respected manager. This spring she took her farewell as Mayor of Vlieland and took up residence again on the mainland. Together with her husband she breeds horses in Eastermar, Friesland. ‘It’s unparalleled what the KFPS has achieved with the Friesian breed, considering that this horse has been on the brink of extinction’, Schokker says, who at one point in time worked at the Fries Paarden Centrum for a period of two years. ‘How wonderful it is to be able to make a contribution to that beautiful Friesian horse.’
Ella Wiersma has always dreamed of breeding her own Friesian foal. By now two broodmares are stabled at her yard in Wytgaard and she is ‘very passionate about the Friesian horse.’ Wiersma has been an international entrepreneur and these days is mainly active as a manager. ‘I am a people’s person, a connector and have experience with building organisations’, she sums up her qualities. ‘I’m delighted to be able to dedicate myself to the KFPS.’

Governance investigation

With the evaluation of the governance investigation the Member Council Meeting also focused on looking back. The next Phryso, which already went to press before the Member Council Meeting, features a brief article on the investigation. The Board and the Member Council are working out a more detailed publication with respect to the recommendations as described in the investigation. With this publication physical regional meetings, yet to be planned, can be organised where the investigator’s recommendations and the future of our Society can be discussed. The Member Council approved the Annual Account and it was decided to enter talks with the Breeding Chapters about organising livestreams of breeding days.

Farewell Anita van Kempen

At the end of the meeting the departing Council Members received a thank you for their commitment and as a token of appreciation were given a bouquet of flowers. Anita van Kempen-Elberse was one of the Board members who left the Member Council to take a temporary seat on the Board. Today she stepped down and the Chairman thanked her for her commitment to the Friesian horse in these turbulent times.
With the two new Board members the Board is now regaining its definitive form after three Council members filled the vacancies left by the resigning Board members last year. The Council members Tjitze Bouma, Ytsen de Vries and Corné Veldjesgraaf made way for Arno Thomassen, Jan Wietse de Boer, Age van der Zee and Sjoerd Veenstra. The FHANA also nominated new Council members. Will Bron, Ted Vanderkooi and Gerben Steenbeek (USA) have been succeeded by Charlotte Dumford, Rosanne Palermo, Erin Miley (USA).


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