To be or not to be

A famous quote from Hamlet, by Shakespeare. The passage is a bit longer actually, but freely translates into: what choice do you make: do you surrender, do you give up or do you put up a fight?
Facing challenges and approaching these with an open mind is what counts. Sometimes choosing not to recognise the challenges and to ignore them is the easy way out. Pretending that everything is okay and there are no tricky issues that have to be addressed. But in my book that is a dead-end. Biting the bullet, taking action based on facts and looking for possibilities and solutions. Going that last mile to get results.
The KFPS faces significant challenges. A closed Studbook with a series of challenges in the area of health. That is not a picnic. Fortunately you, as members of the Studbook, are fully aware of this. The members have appointed health as priority number one. The Breeding Council, the Fenway Foundation, individual members and small groups of members have teamed up together and accept these challenges. That is encouraging. Because, if we stand shoulder to shoulder to combine all our knowledge, insights and research results, there is so much we can achieve.
Our inspections and breeding days showcase how much we can achieve. Breeding days again offered pure enjoyment. Such horses: type, class, good movement, presence! Friesians, exactly how we like to see them. And time and time again I’m impressed by how today’s Friesians have improved compared to a few decades ago. That too we, you, have achieved by purposeful and conscious breeding. Then we should also be able to succeed in taking steps for the health of our horses. With an open mind and with all the expertise that is available. For the benefit of our Studbook and the wellbeing of our horses.
And meanwhile we continue to enjoy our magnificent black gold. The breeding days offered an impressive array of beautiful horses that were presented. Elegant foals, our future and the older generations too as well as everything in between. A treat to behold and to enjoy. The enthusiasm of owners and breeders after a good result is quite catching and tells the tale of the passion that is involved in breeding.
With our horses we are on to a gold mine, and that shows the world over. But at the same time that commands a big responsibility in terms of wellbeing and health of our horses. With the passion you breeders have and with the knowledge already existent and which keeps growing, we open-mindedly embrace the challenge to tackle the pressing issues regarding health.

Tineke Schokker-Strampel

Chairwoman KFPS

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