Treacherous spring

Early April, Spring in full swing. Gradually, temperatures are rising, Nature awakens, birds are singing and the grass is growing. But this is nowhere near an ordinary spring, this is a treacherous spring. Corona has taken a hold on the world. There are merely ten days between the moment this Phryso goes to press and the arrival of our society’s magazine in your post. I sincerely hope we will have seen the worst of it by then. That – when you read this – the worst is behind us.
Health comes before everything else. The measures we were forced to take on a global scale to stop further spreading of the virus are indeed far-reaching, but necessary for our mutual protection. To prevent this exceptional situation from expanding still further afield. Together we’re strong and that connectedness and solidarity feels good. However, all Corona measures take a huge (financial) toll we haven’t seen the consequences of yet.
That is just as true for the horse world, for our own Studbook and Friesian horses. Trade, industry, services, yes, even every individual breeder and rider has to face the consequences. Transport of horses sold abroad has come to a standstill, competitions, inspections and events have been cancelled, some spring meetings have been postponed, riding lessons no longer continue and riding schools stay closed. We all feel the pain. What will this next summer look like? We’re completely in the dark. The solidarity that keeps us together in these difficult times we also strive to achieve in our personal contacts.
A little while from now we hope to be able to pick up again from where we left. Your Studbook – and the many volunteers we count ourselves lucky with – will be as committed as ever when the time is ripe again. To organise and visit wonderful inspections, good, productive meetings and fine competitions. So that we can all meet up again, catch up on the news, enter the competitive arena again and above all enjoy our beautiful horses together.
For now we have to do all this at home. With the Friesian horses in the field. And maybe you have them as well: those wonderful and gorgeous foals. This spring they are – more than in any other year – symbols of new life, of health, of uninhibited joy and especially a fine future. It is early April, let’s look forward to a spring with foals everywhere. Stay healthy and hopefully, see you soon!

Wiebe Wieling

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