Twan van Plexat (Sake 449) Second Sport Elite Friesian Horse in Mexico

For the second time a Friesian horse has earned the Sport Elite predicate in Mexico. Twan van Plexat Star Sport Elite AAA (Sake 449 x Beart 411) has fulfilled the requirements for the Sport Elite predicate in the Prix St. Georges test with Jose Luis Padilla Liekens in the saddle.

The first Sport Elite horse was the 11-year old Michel I.T. Ster Sport Elite AA (Onne 376 x Anton 343).

This 8-year-old Star stallion Twan is owned by Ganadería Hermanos Gómez and achieves scores of 70% and higher in Mexico. In the spring of 2022 a yearling daughter by this stallion received a second premium, also in Mexico. Twan was born in the Netherlands at the Schreuders family’s van Plexat stud farm in Brakel. In the stallion selection trajectory he came as far as the Third Viewing and in 2018 earned an 82.5 score for his IBOP riding test, with an 8 for trot and an 8.5 for canter.

Dam Preliminary Crown aged 14

Twan comes from pedigree 25. Foundation dam Vesta Model Preferent Peformance (Meint 196) is the 6th dam in his pedigree. His dam is Tjirkje van Plexat Star Preferent Performance (Beart 411 x Nykle 309) who became Preliminary Crown as a 14-year-old at the inspection on location of Bosma Stables in July 2020. She demonstrated good youthfulness and durability.
Twan has a full sister, Hilde van Plexat who is Crown AAA and scored 84 points in her IBOP with an 8.5 for trot. One half sister of Twan, by Tsjalke 397, has achieved a Star and the Sport predicate, and so Tjirkje secured the Performance predicate on the basis of her first three offspring.





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