Two-year-old Kristal (Nane 492) best mare in Rosières-aux-Salines

Twenter Kristal du Scharrach (Nane 492) was het beste paard van de keuring in Rosières-aux-Salines

September 20, 2021
Two-year-old Kristal du Scharrach (Nane 492) was the best horse of the inspection in Rosières-aux-Salines

Two-year-old Kristal du Scharrach (Nane 492) in Rosières-aux-Salines, France, received a second premium and proved to be the best horse of the day.

Four IBOP Tests

After a busy Central Inspection Jury members Jolanda Slootjes and Wil Thijssen travelled to France on Sunday morning the 19th of September. There they began with judging four IBOP Tests, two under-saddle and two driven tests. ‘It’s nice to see that young people are enthusiastic,’ Slootjes commented. The highest score was for Studbook mare Wicky Galloper (Thorben 466) who rode to 73 points with Hortense Bergdoll.

Second premium for 2-year-old

In the foal category there were second premiums for offspring by Tymen 503 and Willem 508. Two-year-old Kristal du Scharrach (Nane 492) was bred by Marc Welsch out of Jade du Scharrach Star (Maurus 441). ‘A high-legged 2-year-old with good direction of the body,’ Jolanda Slootjes observed. ‘The topline lacked a bit in fluent connections. She has a ground-covering walk, moving nicely from the shoulder and trotted with great ease but needs to develop more strength and suppleness.’ Kristal was the best mare at the Rosières-aux-Salines inspection.

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