Ulbe 506 : Danish stud stallion from fertile soil

Ulbe 506 (Foto: Ryanne Tichelaar)

The colt foal Tarok Ellemose saw the light of day at Heidi and Jørgen Jørgensen´s farm in Danish Nordborg in 2014. These Danish lovers of Friesian horses have been active in breeding for nearly two decades but when they first set sight on the Anders son out of their Willy ‘fan Panhuys’ (Anton 343P) they knew: ‘This is a winner!’


‘Right from the start the foal showed lots of expression and seeing his first steps in the field, he was just so elastic!’ Heidi Jørgensen enthuses. ‘Since Tarok was a legendary Danish trotter who won everything there was to win, we figured he also had to become a Tarok.’ The rest is history. Tarok Ellemose completed his aptitude tests with flying colours. His low kinship lineage in combination with the absence of some very influential sires on his pedigree make him a great asset. That´s why this stallion is such a welcome addition to the stallion population. Moreover, Tarok Ellemose, alias Ulbe 506, achieved this on the basis of a very positive performance. His friendly attitude, good workability and good balance were his strongest points.

Grand Prix

On the paternal side Ulbe 506 carries the genes of Anders 451 (maternal sire Ouke 313) – Adel 357 (ms Tsjalling 235P) – Ludse 305 (ms Jochem 259P). Quite remarkably, both Adel 357 and Anders 451 have acted at Grand Prix level. For Anders 451 this is his first son in breeding. On the maternal side we have to take big steps back in time, which partly explains his low kinship status: Anton 343P – Hearke 254P – Cobus 248 – Tetman 205. Great names that grace many Studbook certificates are conspicuously absent here. Ulbe is free of the Feitse 293P, Leffert 306P, Reitse 272P and Jasper 366P blood. Outstanding features in the dam line are exceptional fertility and breeding power. Willy ‘fan Panhuys’, the stallion dam from pedigree 10 was already declared Preferent after her first five offspring and has so far produced seventeen foals, with more on the way. Her breeder Theo Wijma: ‘It must have been in 1989 or so when we bought Jaike van Vriesburg, she became Star over here at the age of four. She had quite some size and we immediately started her in-harness for the marathon work, single as well as two-in-hand. She was too impatient for ring riding because she was so eager to work. She was such an affectionate mare, but she needed to know who was boss. For a Hearke mare she actually had quite a fair bit of feathers, but his offspring are usually not that expressive so that´s why we chose stallions like Oege 267P, Piter 312 and Anton 343P who all radiate breed expression. And that has worked out well.’ Anton 343P has made a name for himself as an excellent passer-on of breed expression, maybe a bit on the classic side, but his offspring have lovely heads and feathers in abundance.

Willy ‘fan Panhuys’

Wietske’s half sister from 1999 is Willy, later to become stallion dam. Theo: ‘She had the typical Anton looks, a bit more front and a smaller head than her dam.’ By the way, also the short, sloping croup Ulbe 506 has. Since Wijma had three other offspring from Willy he was ready to let her go.
Zafira, the first to carry the suffix Ellemose, quickly made it to Star too, in spite of two operations for an umbilical hernia. ‘The Jury praised her condition!’ Heidi says with pride. Fanny Ellemose, Zafira´s Marcus daughter, secured the Foal Championship on the breeding day in Denmark. Actually, the Jorgensens had once before tried their luck in the stallion procedure with Athos Ellemose. However, this Jasper son didn´t succeed in compensating his lineage in the Re-inspection. They had to wait a few more years but then Tarok managed to restore the honour.



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