Ulke 338 has passed away

Last night Ulke 338, nestor of KFPS stallions, reached the end of his life. ‘He was top fit right till the very end’, says owner Willem Wester. ‘Last week we had the farrier here to trim his feet and the day before yesterday we turned him out because of the fine weather.’ Because he reached the grand old age of thirty, Ulke 338 was put in the spotlight at the last Stallion Inspection with the projection of fine images on the screen. Ulke 338, bred by Obe Mous from Hemelum, was the most successful showdriving horse in history. His successes include four times National Champion Studbook Stallions in front of the sjees. For breeding he has been of influence as sire of Olgert 445, the producer of top dressage horses, and grandson Fonger 478. Moreover, he is the maternal sire of five Studbook stallions, among them Willem Wester´s breeding product Maurits 437. Ulke 338´s picture will therefore leave a lasting impression. If only because the unique Ulke served as model for our Royal Friesian logo. ‘Ulke 338 was a tough one’, Wester says. ‘He has given us so, so much.’

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