Unanimous confidence in new KFPS Stallion Inspection Committee

November 27, 2020

During the Meeting of the Member Council on Friday evening 27 November the KFPS Board and Member Council gave a new Stallion Inspection Committee their full confidence.

Start First Viewing

The Member Council has expressed huge appreciation for the boundless commitment of the former Stallion Inspection Committee (SIC). Starting with the First Viewing in early December the new SIC will consist of Piet Bergsma, Corry Terpstra and another, soon to join, committee member with specific sport expertise. In the past year Bergsma has already done some job-shadowing so that he can replace Jaap Boersma who is going to resign.

New Board members

This puts an end to the discussion involving the SIC, which strongly afflicted the separate bodies during the past nine months. With this burden removed from their shoulders the Meeting of the Member Council could continue in a constructive vein. Along with the new members of the SIC the appointment of the three temporary Board members originating from the Member Council was ratified. Treasurer Peter Bazuijnen handed the baton to Miel Janssen who will be entrusted with the approved budget and a financially very healthy Society. In the period ahead the Confidential Committee will concern themselves with finding candidates for a seat on the Board and the position of chairman.

Treasurer Peter Bazuijnen took his farewell as a Board member.

Henny Vloedgraven took his farewell from the Member Council.


The Year Plan 2021 – including various initiatives to stimulate breeding – was approved. As acting Chairman Detlef Elling emphasised, the goal is a future-proof Society. ‘We want to look ahead. We want to make sure that everybody can continue to enjoy our wonderful Friesian horse.’
A more detailed report will be published in the January issue of Phryso.

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