Update Covid-19 measures

Last night, the cabinet took stricter measures against the further spread of the corona virus. The lockdown, which will be in effect until January 19, will have the necessary impact on the activities of the KFPS. The consequences are indicated below per activity:

After and re-inspection first viewing December 18

The follow-up and re-inspection will continue as usual, under the same conditions as the first viewing, so without an audience. This inspection can be followed via livestream on this website and on Facebook.

IBOP December 24 in Wergea

The use of indoor sports facilities is not permitted. This also means that indoor riding is not possible at the moment. This would mean that the IBOP cannot take place. KNHS and FNRS are currently in talks to get an exception for indoor riding. The decision whether or not to proceed with the IBOP will partly depend on this. In consultation with the entrants, it will be determined whether keeping the IBOP out is desirable.


The running test with 5 horses will continue as usual. The horses will be trained outside. Owners cannot be present. The delivery of the first test of 2021 has been postponed from January 18 to January 20.

KFPS Stallion Inspection

The online Stallion Inspection, which is scheduled for January 14, 15 and 16, will probably be postponed. The KFPS will discuss this with the local authorities. The option will be kept open not to have the second viewing and the inspection of the studbook stallions take place in the same week.

Further details will be communicated shortly.

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