Update theme meeting: no amendment of statutes

At the KFPS theme meetngs in November, no amendment of the statutes will be proposed. The board and the trust commitee have decided to postpone this change until further notice.

The bylaws amendment would allow former board members to rejoin the board within four years of their resignation. This is not possible with the current bylaws. In consultation with the trust commitee and with the approval of the membership council, it had been decided to put this bylaw amendment on the agenda of the theme meetings.
With this amendment of the statutes it was possible to supplement the board in the short term with experienced directors with knowledge of the KFPS. A wish that was put forward by the trust commitee in the member council meeting of October 20 and received approval.
However, an amendment to the statutes must be announced at least six weeks before the meeting, the statutes state. That deadline was not met, and in consultation with legal counsel, it was decided to remove this bylaw amendment from the agenda of the theme meetings.

The trust commitee is considering proposing anamendment to the bylaws at a later date, in order to create the possibility of adding former board members to
the board on a temporary basis if the situation within the association calls for it.
The trust committee emphasizes that this is an exceptional situation. The board has consisted of only one person since the end of September. Seeking to fill it as quickly and especially with experienced people, Detlef Elling and Jan Raaijmakers were found willing to take a (temporary) seat on the board. With Frank Fokkens proposed by the members’ council and a candidate from the current application procedure for KFPS director,
the board would again be five people.

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