Very First Inspection in Scotland

Day Champion Wietske H. van 't Streefoord (Epke 474 ) with her owner Emma Rintoul, Jury members and runners in Scotland (Photo: Sinclair Photography)

This was the very first inspection of Friesian horses to be organised in Scotland. Jury members Jaap Boersma and Annemieke Elsinga were given a very warm welcome when they arrived at the end of September. They had brought some ´helping hands´ from the Netherlands: Sybren Minkema and Jolanda Schreuder performed the duties of ringmaster and speaker and Piet Sibma expertly presented the horses. The 4-year-old Wietske H. van ’t Streefoord (Epke 474 x Tsjalke 397), bred by. H.M Bekking, was given a third premium at the inspection. Boersma: ‘A true-to-breed mare with a fine forehand who unfortunately, slightly underperformed in trot.’ Owner Emma Rintoul has every cause to be proud of her mare: Wietske was elected as Day Champion.

Holly Rankin´s Star stallion Warre van de Coppelderije (Norbert 444 x Onne 376) from the ‘Fan Panhuys’ line of pedigree 10 was chosen as Champion of the stallions. Earlier in the day Warre was present when his daughter Jinska of Strachan (maternal sire Tsjalke 397), owned by Danny Strachan, trotted to a second premium. ‘A stallion with an appealing forehand’, Boersma judged, ‘He walked with very good length and trotted with good reach in the foreleg and a fine posture. Keeping safety considerations in mind, he could not take part in the Overall Day Championship because there were also mares and a foal in the ring.

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