Video assessment for Friesian horses in foreign countries

August 13, 2021

This year, the KFPS Jury members will not get on the plane to inspect horses in foreign countries. The available alternative for members of the Studbook in the foreign countries to get the Foal Book mares accepted in the Studbook, is by video assessment.

No inspections in America, Mexico and South Africa

Taking the current situation involving Covid-19 into account, the Inspection and the Board consider it irresponsible for Jury members to travel by plane. Inspections in countries within and outside the EU that can virtually only be reached by plane travel will not go through. Unfortunately, that means that the inspections scheduled to take place in America, Mexico and South Africa have to be cancelled. Inspections in EU countries that can be safely travelled to by car will go ahead. This also applies to Great Britain, because of the option to travel by boat/train.

Protocol in the making

In an attempt to meet the need for acceptance of Foal book mares in the Studbook, the KFPS has come up with an alternative in the form of video assessments. These mares will not receive premiums or predicates, but acceptance in the Studbook is possible. In this way the KFPS wishes to provide their foreign members with another option to keep breeding going in their country. A protocol to define the requirements these videos have to meet is in the making.

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