Wardy 509: showdriving talent with strong hind leg

Wardy 509 (Foto: Karin Sevink)

Wardy 509 (Hette 481 x Goffert 369) comes from the well-known showdriving stud owned by Jelle and Anneke Bouma. With high scores for the in-harness disciplines, where his outstanding walk caught the eye, he was approved in the autumn of 2018 from Hette 481’s first crop.

Pedigree 8

The Friesian horses in the Bouma stables represent the rich history of pedigree 8 which is so closely connected with the Bouma Family. First, Jelle Bouma takes the apple of his eye Annegjen Star Preferent Performance (Goffert 369) out of her stable. Annegjen is twenty but her age definitely doesn’t show. She still looks youthful with a strong back that doesn’t give away that she has brought twelve foals into this world already. Annegjen is Crown Jewel and dam of two Studbook stallions. It’s with good reason that this top-class mare was nominated for the title ‘Horse of the Year’.
Her first foal in 2004 was an instant success: this Beart 411 son went on to be approved as Maeije 440. Bouma: ‘For that matter, Wardy 509 is more my sort of type, a bit more sassy and of lighter build. Wardy 509 fits the bill for the demand for classier horses. But as a breeder I’m proud of both stallions.’ Wardy 509’s sire Hette 481 comes from pedigree 14, a line known for excellent showdriving horses. Just like her granddam Rjimkje, Annegjen is also Crown Jewel with four Star offspring, a Model Sport daughter, a Crown Sport daughter, Gepkjen (Norbert 444), who still lives in Buma’s yard, and the two Studbook stallions. One of Annegjen’s most famous daughters is the well-known showdriving star Ytsjen Model Sport (Ulke 338). With Hendrik Eppinga in the driving seat, Ytsjen has already been National Champion Broodmares in front of the sjees a few times. Ytsjen is a fiery and nippy thing.

Over 80 points

Wardy was great in the Central Examination, there was never a moment I thought ‘this won’t work out’. And it did work out, Wardy scored over 80 points on all elements, with the highest scores for the in-harness disciplines. His willingness to work, movement technique and fine breeding type stand out. In driven work he demonstrates strong use of the hind leg and a good walk.

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