Who will succeed Anniek?

Horses2fly Anniek, Paard van het Jaar 2018! © DigiShots

The election for Horse of the Year is in full swing again. Until December the 31st you can vote on the following four nominees: Annegjen Star Preferent Performance, Elias 494 Sport Elite, Sven B. Star and Yersie C. Crown. The final winner of the Horse of the Year competition will be announced at the Stallion Inspection and will take over the title from Horses2fly Anniek who pocketed this prize last year. Cast your votes on Phryso.com, the KFPS Facebook page or via mail@kfps.nl.

Annegjen Star Preferent Performance
Breeder/owner: Jelle and Anneke Bouma, Nijland

Compared to her colleagues in this competition Annegjen (Goffert 369) doesn´t shine in the spotlight, but behind the scenes she achieves impressive performances. This year Annegjen became double Preferent.
She is the dam of the approved Studbook stallions Maeije 440 (Beart 411) and Wardy 509 (Hette 481). And she produced Ytsjen (Ulke 338), the mare who outshone many stallions in the in-harness work. Annegjen comes from a good nest. Her dam is the famous Ynskjen B. (Feitse 293). On top of that, with twelve foals and a new one on the way Annegjen is the paragon of the fertile and durable Friesian horse. Reason enough to nominate her for Horse of the Year 2019.

Elias 494 Sport Elite
Studbook name Djorn van de Demro Stables
Breeder: Demro Stables, Mierlo
Owner: Linda Anell, Sweden

Do we really have to explain the nomination for Elias 494? The 10-year-old KFPS Studbook stallion is the Dutch – Friesian flagship in the international dressage scene. Together with his rider Marc-Peter Spahn this Grand Prix stallion keeps pushing the boundaries and they are ambassadors for the Friesian dressage horse. In the past year they excelled abroad where such a stunning Friesian stallion attracts a great deal of attention and on top of that competes in the top too! Several times they have won Dutch- and European Championships and in between this Jorn 430 son also carries out his stud services. In 2016 Elias was approved via the Short Test. His owner Linda Anell lives in Sweden but she gives Marc-Peter and Elias a free rein to carry out their missionary work. And with success!

Sven B. Star
Breeder: Bosma family, Makkum
Owner: Jolanda Schreuder and Sybren Minkema

Beyond any doubt, 2019 was the year of Sven B. At the Stallion Inspection early in the year, this Wimer 461 son very convincingly won the Championship in the Horses2fly KFPS Sport Competition Showdriving. Sybren Minkema had been aware of his stallion´s talent for a while, but during the summer everybody had the opportunity to enjoy Sven B´s showdriving talents. He won wherever he appeared at the start. But that´s not the end of Sven B´s talents. He easily switches gears between dressage and showdriving. The finals for the Pavo Fryso Cup were ridden at the Central Inspection. Sven B. triumphed in dressage and one day later also in showdriving. And again at the European Championship Sven B. showed himself at his best. With Leonie Evink in the saddle he won Silver in the category for 6-year-olds. Next year here he comes! But first he is going to make a bid for the Title Horse of the Year 2019.

Yersie C. Crown
Breeder: Gert Cent, Netterden
Owner: Yvette Raquelle Pen

Just four years old and already in the race for the Title Horse of the Year 2019. That is a give-away clue about how special Yersie C. is. She started her fine career by winning the Friesian Talent Cup, the competition for young, talented dressage horses. Four weeks later this Hessel 480 daughter also managed to complete her IBOP with a top score of 89 points. Along with her achievements in the sport this mare also won acclaim for her exterior when she received the Crown predicate at the Central Inspection. There she rode in the final of the Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage with her regular rider Corina Conradi and with 97,5 points reigned supreme and grabbed victory. ‘She has the talent for the higher work’, Corina tells us, who keeps training her to up her game. Meanwhile a surrogate mare is pregnant by Yersie C., in combination with Fonger 478. We simply cannot wait.

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