Winding path

With the Stallion Show and the Jubilee Shows, we as lovers of the Friesian horse are off to an immediate good start in 2024. But the gaze is also quickly turning forward again. As KFPS members and breeders, you want to know where we are working toward as a studbook. A dot on the horizon with which you can move forward in your breeding. Therefore, this year we are going to define our vision and strategy for the next five to ten years. We have already discussed and debated the 2024-2029 multi-year vision with you in theme meetings last fall. Opinions, thoughts and ideas were received via online surveys from home and abroad. We can work with these to further develop this vision of the future and what it means. And again this year we will seek the dialogue with our members in different forums, we are after all a studbook for and by the members.

Our breeding goal has five themes, including health. Health was, is and will remain the foundation of the KFPS. And so it remains a precondition for our long-term vision. However, the trick is to breed good quality horses within a closed studbook such as ours without compromising on health. We will all make choices that are in the interest of the Friesian horse and therefore in our interest. It will not be an easy exercise.

Formulating a vision and then setting policy requires courage and flexibility. It will undoubtedly be ‘learning by doing’. Change, by definition, raises questions and probably a bit of a stir. It is all part of the process. And it is certainly not a straight, paved road that will take us to our goal, but rather a winding path with various bumps and holes. That’s nothing new under the sun; the past teaches us that the history of the Friesian horse has been anything but a straight line. We are going to defy that bumpy winding path – just like in the past – with the goal clearly in mind: future generations must also be able to enjoy our beautiful Friesian horse.

So we still have some work to do. With the enormous enthusiasm at the Stallion Show in mind, where the Friesian horse shone in all its glory, we can look to the future with confidence. They were top days where I felt a lot of energy. Those are the days we all do it for. So it is with that energy that we will work in the coming months.

On behalf of the board and its advisors,

Hendrik Postma
Acting Chairman KFPS

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