Worldwide Friesian Tour 2022 : ‘Let’s get together and do this!’

In the summer of 2021, Swedish Friesian owners were challenged to take their horse, get to know the country and each other with the Sweden Friesian Tour 2021. This year, Friesian owners and enthusiasts worldwide are asked to do the same with the Worldwide Friesian Tour 2022! This tour is not only an opportunity to show the world what a wonderfully versatile breed the Friesian horse is, but also to share the joy of our horses with as many people as possible.

What is the Worldwide Friesian Tour?

“Friesian lovers” from all over the world are invited to take a ride together that will add up to a lap around the world. It is of course the intention to do this with your Friesian horse and you can ride, drive, walk, cycle or however you want to go out with your horse. All distances added up should eventually be exactly 40,075 kilometers, so there is work to be done! Last year the Swedish participants did the length of Sweden (1572 kilometers) in 47 days, fortunately this edition will be a bit longer.

300 days until the Stallion Inspection 2023

The kick-off of the Worldwide Friesian tour was Saturday March 19th, when the internationally successful Swedish driver Amanda Krogstad Jansson covered the first distance with her Friesian geldings. From Saturday on it will be 300 days until the KFPS Stallion Inspection in Leeuwarden in 2023: the last day of the tour. Organizers Helen Hilltorn Bogren and Kristin Brüdigam, members of the board of the Svenska Frieserhästföreningen, are excited about this new edition: ‘The event is intended to bring Friesian enthusiasts together, not only in their own country but all over the world; a worldwide Friesian community!’ said Helen.

How can you participate?

Participating is very simple. Follow the Facebook page of the Worldwide Friesian Tour 2022. Gather your horse friends, riding- or driving club, hiking buddies or whoever you want to take with you and choose the distance you want to cover. The minimum distance is 5km, there is no maximum distance, but consider what you and your horse can handle. Measure the ride with an app that keeps track of distances and post it together with a nice photo of you and your horse and extra info about you on the Facebook page.

Updates on

The organization collects all participations and checks and shares the posts on the Facebook page. This way you can find yourself and your horse, but also see what participants are doing in other countries! As proof of participation, you will receive a personalized certificate, in addition, a special rosette is available to order. Special, funny or substantial distances will also be shared on, along with updates on the distance covered. In addition to sharing a nice experience, there are also great prizes raffled among the participants and there is a special prize for the participant(s) who covers the most distances in total.

All information about this wonderful event can be found on: website WWFT and via Facebook 

See below for a small impression of the Swedish tour and a teaser for 2022:

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