Wybren van Ass (Maiko 373) in Short Test

In South Africa, the 15-year-old Wybren van Ass Star Sport Elite (Maiko 373 x Brandus 345) has been accepted for the Short Test. Wybren is in ownership of Stud Adelprag and is active in the Grand Prix with his lady rider Chere Burger.

Two weeks in the Test

This means that Wybren is going to spend the next two weeks in the Short Test in South Africa, where his character and trainability in particular will be closely investigated. When he completes the Test with good results he will be given a Studbook name and a number.

Out of Crown Jewel Tinneke

The durable Wybren was born out of the recently deceased, at the age of 24, Tinneke van ‘t Riet Preferent Performance (Brandus 345 x Tjimme 275). So he stems from the so-called Boszorg line from pedigree 50. A line that has also produced Stendert 447. Wybren was born in the yard of the Schaefer family in Germany, where they bred eleven offspring out of Wybren’s dam, all by eleven different stallions.

Breeding power and sport aptitude

Wybren’s dam, the Crown Jewel Tinneke, is a mare with enormous breeding power and exceptional sport aptitude. In addition to Wybren she has also given Tizian fan Ass Star Sport Elite (Epke 474), who went a long way last year in the selection of the WC Young Dressage Horses with Bennie van Es, and on top of that also won himself a nomination for the Title of Horse of the Year. Another half sister, Roswhita fan Ass Crown AAA (Andries 415), was a finalist for the 2019 Pavo Fryso Cup and became Breeding Day Champion in Germany. His other half sister Aurelia fan Ass Star Sport AAA (Dries 421) won the Pavo Fryso Cup in 2014 and is also a resident of the Adelprag stables in South Africa.


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