Xerxina-trophy for Renske Carmen (Tsjalke 397)

September 18, 2021

Renske Carmen f.d. Visscherwei Model Sport (Tsjalke 397 x Olof 315) was presented with the Xerxina trophy on Saturday the 18th of September. The 8-year-old mare, owned by breeder/owner Elvera Scholten, competes in the Light Tour under Hennie Roffel.

Incentive award

The Xerxina trophy is a prize for the 7-year-old or older mare that takes part in the Central Inspection, who has the highest level in the sport. The prize has been made available by the late Petra van den Heuvel, who named the prize after her own Model mare Xerxina van Van den Heuvel. Her friends Dukke Rinzema-Pebesma and Rieneke Kamminga had the honour of presenting the prize: ‘it is meant as an incentive to respect and cherish the Friesian horse.’

Combination of sport and predicate

There is a whole batch of top mares aged seven years and older who combine sportiness with fine predicates. Yet, there was one clear winner: last August Renske Carmen rode to victory in the Light Tour at the sub top competition in Tolbert. In the previous year this 8-year-old mare became Model. And that is not Renske Carmen’s only performance of allure. With Isabelle Vroomans she won the Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage 5- and 6-year-old mares in 2019, while only a few months earlier she had given birth to a filly foal by Mees 497. That same year she also secured the European Title and that made it crystal clear: in the world of stallions in the dressage ring Renske Carmen knows how to hold her own!! Which is quite special, considering that the hardworking Renske Carmen had been on box rest for the eleven months leading up to the event, as a result of a stress fracture in the hock. In the past year Renske Carmen brought her second foal into this world: a Wibout 511.

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