Yearling Sarai (Tjaarda 483) wins in Texas

Kampioen Sarai BMF (Tjaarda 483) met eigenaren Tina and Scott Starkey en voorbrengers Gaatze Bosma en Raiyah van Dinther.


October 2, 2022

Champion Sarai BMF (Tjaarda 483) with owners Tina and Scott Starkey and runners Gaatze Bosma and Raiyah van Dinther.

At the inspection in Magnolia, Texas on October the 1st, Jury members Jolanda Slootjes and Willem Sonnema awarded Tina and Scott Starkey’s yearling Sarai BMF (Tjaards 483 x Mintse 384) the Youngster- as well as Day Champion Title. The youthful, high-legged Sarai received a second premium. She has a nicely flowing topline and classy legwork with good stance. Her walk remained a bit short but was regular, Willem Sonnema and Jolanda Slootjes commented. In trot she showed good self-carriage but she needs to develop more forward reach in the foreleg.

Good-looking Star stallions

The Jury members saw two very good-quality stallions at this inspection. With a 9 for breeding it was above all the 7-year-old Wieger Star (Tjalbert 460 x Meinse 439), owned by Rancho MC, who impressed. This stallion has abundant feathers, a long neck, good poll and an expressive head. Conformation is a little downhill and the topline should be a bit stronger, but with a good walk that has scope, rhythm and suppleness and a trot displaying lots of posture and fine use of the foreleg, Wieger earned his Star with flying colours.

Wieger Star (Tjalbert 460 x Meinse 439)

The 5-year-old Fonzie S.A. Star AA (Epke 474 x Onne 376) already flaunted the Star predicate. He has lots of breeding type too, a good topline and dry legwork, although the feet are a bit on the small side. This stallion was bred by the Vanderper family from West-Veteren in Flanders and his owner is Morgan Moore. Fonzie has a very good, ground-covering and regular walk, the trot was a bit rushed and should be more on the hind leg.
Fonzie S.A. Star AA (Epke 474 x Onne 376)

First-premium Tobias Champion Colt Foals

The colt foal category had two contenders in the ring, both owned by Charles Sutherland and both foals were given a first premium. Tobias (Hessel 480 x Doaitsen 420) became Champion. He has an expressive head, slightly lacks strength in the topline, the walk is satisfactory and well through the body. His trot is good with satisfactory scope and impulsion. The Reserve Title was for stable mate Tyho (Meinte 490 x Andries 416).

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