Yme 507: ace in canter and from a good nest

Yme 507 (Tsjalle 454 x Bente 412) was born in Denmark at Hessel-Jan and Tjallien Oosterhof´s farm ‘Hyllested Østergaard’. Yme 507 possesses a whole package of reliable genes: his entire dam line from pedigree 25 brims with the characteristics breeding power and movement.

Over 25 years ago Hessel-Jan and Tjallien Oosterhof emigrated to Denmark in search of a suitable location for their dairy farm. They found a farm for sale in Suldrup, called Hyllested Østergaard. ‘Østergaard means the same as Oosterhof so this was meant to be,’ Hessel Jan Oosterhof says. By now they are running this vastly expanded dairy farm together with son Pieter. Some fifteen years ago Friesian-born Hessel-Jan decided these Danish fields needed Friesian horses. ‘Call it nostalgia, if you like.’

From Bob Hofstee they bought Odilia fan ‘e Suurdreed (Wierd 409), who was bred by his daughter and her husband: Joke and Auke de Vries-Hofstee. Pregnant by Tsjalke 397, Odilia became Star second premium in Drachten.
Oosterhof: ‘She was an expensive mare but we bought her nevertheless. On hindsight, this was the right choice. At the age of eight Odilia received a first premium, became Crown and later Model and Preferent. She has given us all possible success in breeding. No matter which stallion we go for, her offspring are always good. Odilia is fifteen now but still has the looks of a 4-year-old. Her contact manners are fantastic but in the herd she is the leader.’
In ‘Mare Pedigrees of the Friesian Horse’, Doede Wiersma classifies pedigree 25 as ‘impressive’. Three lines from this pedigree stand out for their high-quality horses: Yme 507 descends from offspring by Jeanette Star Preferent (Ritske 202), an ancestor he shares with the Preferent Norbert 444. ‘We bought Odilia in foal by Tsjalke 397, this mare remained Studbook. After that we followed Bob´s advice and opted for Bente 412.’ This match produced Hadewich Hyllested Østergaard in 2010, Yme 507´s dam. ‘Hadewich is a very strong mare with excellent paces, but slightly less classy than her dam Odilia. Hadewich started with a second premium but later she always received first premiums. On two occasions she became Breeding Day Champion in Denmark. In 2017 Age Okkema rode her to the Sport predicate which made her permanent Crown. That same year she became Model.’ Hadewich is the only Model daughter for Bente 412, who died last year.
Tsjalle 454 son Yme 507 is Hadewich Hyllested Østergaard´s first offspring. In Oosterhof´s opinion Tsjalle 454 is a formidable, appealing stallion. ‘Presently, Hadewich is again pregnant by Tsjalle and by means of embryo transfer a surrogate mare is pregnant by Hadewich and Menne 496.’ The Jury members who assessed Hadewich in the context of her son Yme 507´s approval are positive about her imposing front and appearance, characteristics which she has passed on to her son. They recognised that Hadewich has strong conformation and good-quality legwork. The report states that Hadewich has a roomy, powerful and active walk and trots with satisfactory scope and strength. Yme 507 excels in canter, but this pace was not assessed. Performance judge Herman Smit: ‘Yme 507 is a very active, sharp horse that sometimes tends to tense up easily. This tension is the reason why he doesn´t always finish his strides in walk. He excels at the canter. From the start he cantered with great ease with fine uphill strides. Yme 507 is an athletic horse demonstrating lots of balance in trot and canter.’ Head of Jury Harrie Draaijer concludes: ‘Yme 507 can improve breed expression, willingness to work and the canter. He can also have a positive influence on improving use of the hind leg.’ On top of that the 1.62m tall Yme 507 is free of the dwarfism- and hydrocephaly genes and can therefore be used on a wide range of Friesian mares

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