Yme 507 put to sleep


September 26, 2022

KFPS Studbook stallion Yme 507 has been put to sleep, Stal de Mersken has reported. ‘In spite of all our efforts there was nothing left that could have helped him and Yme 507 peacefully passed away. A trauma contracted in the past had caused wear and tear and because of that we couldn’t give Yme the type of life a horse needs. Much to our sorrow there was no remedy.
Farewell friend, thank you for everything you meant to us. He lives on through his offspring.’

Bred in Denmark

The 7-year-old Yme 507 is a son of Tsjalle 454 and Hadewich Hyllested Ostergaard Model Sport A (Bente 412). Yme was born in Denmark at Hessel Jan Oosterhof’s yard and acquired his stud license in 2018.

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