You will also encounter Friesian horses in … … Hawaii

Friesian horses can be found all over the world, in about 84 different countries. One of those countries is: Hawaii. In total there are about seven Friesian horses on this island group, including Ava (Wander 352 x Jildert 299) by Laura Lane. “When I moved to Hawaii from the United States, Ava naturally went along,” said Laura of the 19-year-old mare who had to be quarantined for two months after crossing the boat before reuniting with Laura. “The Friesian horses are an attraction here.”

Wish fulfilled

Laura bought her Ava when she was only one month old. “She had a beautiful head and was able to move fantastically.” A long-cherished wish was fulfilled for Laura, because ten years before she saw her first Friesian horse. “It was immediately ‘wow’, I did not know that such beautiful horses existed.” As a foal, Ava was on the inspection in America and she received a second premium. Laura started riding her mare when she was four years old. “She’s never taken a step wrong, when I actually couldn’t ride well at all.” Ava actually belongs to the family, Laura says. “I have two children, one daughter and Ava. She gets everything she needs from us and she always gives me 110% back.”

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