YoungKFPS: Ten years young and vastly inspirational

JongKFPS afgelopen oktober op excursie bij de familie Oosterhof in Denemarken (Foto: Ingrid Truijens)

YoungKFPS has celebrated its 10th anniversary with a show and festive evening. Member numbers have grown substantially from 193 to 312.

Transfer of knowledge

Chairwoman Sietske Oosterbaan is ‘unbelievably proud’ of her club. Two years ago she changed seats from secretary to chairwoman of the Board. ‘At that time we, as YoungKFPS, set ourselves clear goals: to organise more activities with the aim to attract more young people to YoungKFPS. We have made the transfer of knowledge a spear point’, she describes their ambition for YoungKFPS 2.0. ‘Young breeders seek information, experiences, knowhow. All we, the Board, have done is arranging connections. We have established the contact between our members and others, which turned out to be the success factor.’ That is also what we set out to do ten years back, is what the ‘spiritual mother’ of YoungKFPS, Sabien Zwaga told us. ‘Our Studbook was faced with an ageing population and we were keen to engage more young people. We can now see that YoungKFPS encourages influx and mutability, not just in breeding but also at administrative levels.’

Enjoying passion

YoungKFPS is a low-threshold organisation, Sietske points out. ‘It´s about enjoying our passion together.’ The 10th anniversary also means mutations within the Board are due. Sietske Oosterbaan has passed the Chairman´s gavel on to Sietske Veenje, who has been a Board member of YoungKFPS for the last two years. Also saying her farewell is Amarins de Vries. Marit Kroon, Sietske Veenje and Rinske Engelsma will continue the upward trend together with new Board members Dianne Postma, Hylkje Terpstra and Marije Steensma.

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