Youth and agility win the day: Herre 524 Overall Champion SI 2022 (with video)

Herre 524 met zijn crew, van links naar rechts Ludo van der Weide, JOrdy Brouwer, Richard Hofstra, Kenna Bakker en rechts hengstenhouder Tsjalling de Boer © Digishots

January 15, 2022

Herre 524 together with his ‘staff’, from left to right Ludo van der Weide, Jordy Brouwer, Richard Hofstra, Kenna Bakker and on the right stallion keeper Tsjalling de Boer © Digishots

‘The youth is the future’, is how Head of Jury Sabien Zwaga introduced the ‘moment supreme’ of designating the Overall Champion of the 2022 Stallion Inspection.

Already basking in the spotlights

He is one of the novices. Herre 524 is still shy of being four years old but he is very talented and every single day he gives his best, Tsjalling de Boer states. ‘I was confident that he would get far, but it’s quite surprising that he has managed to find himself in the spotlight at such an early stage’, Tsjalling de Boer says. ‘Kenna Bakker rides him three times a week. This coming year he is going to enter his first stud season, we’ll wait and see how that goes’, we hear from Tsjalling, who concluded an exceptionally exhilarating week – their second daughter, Brecht, was born on Thursday morning – with winning the jackpot of the SI 2022.

Jehannes Overall Reserve

Age Okkema was pleased with Jehannes 484’s Title Older Stallions and the Overall Reserve Title. ‘This is pretty perfect. I reckon the Jury is also quite pleased to see another stallion in this place. We have seen Jehannes in this spot, Jurre too and now another, young horse. That makes a nice change.’

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