Zamke fan Steendans (Thorben 466) Preliminary Model in Columbia

The last foreign inspection of 2022 could be wrapped up with a wonderful result. In Bogota, Columbia, judges Wil Thijssen and Jolanda Slootjes could award the 7-year-old Zamke fan Steendans the Preliminary Model predicate as well as the Day Champion Title Mares. Zamke is a Thorben 466 daughter, bred by Maren Meier in Hägerfelde, Germany and her owner is Diluo SAS in Bogota. Day Champion Stallions was the 15-year-old Xaver Star (Mintse 384).

From Star to Preliminary Model

The stately Zamke showed an elegant outline, a noble head, a long, vertical neck but she is slightly short on feathers, is how the judges described Star mare Zamke, who was given a first premium and succeeded in confirming on all fronts in the second and third rounds. The mare became Preliminary Model, her IBOP of 75.5 points was not enough for the Permanent predicate though. The well-built Zamke has a strong topline and a croup with length and good conformation. Her legwork is satisfactory, her walk very roomy and active with good use of the body. The trot was roomy and powerful with good bend. Zamke comes from pedigree 5. Her dam is Namke F. Star A (Olof 315) and her granddam is the Star Preferent Ghea (Oege 267), next is foundation dam Namke Model Preferent (Nuttert 200) who is Walter 282’s dam and who also appears in the dam lines of stallions such as Anton 343, Beart 411 and Sape 381.

Promotion from Studbook to Star

The Reserve Champion Title Mares was for Star mare Geralda van de Olde Mette Moate Star (Tsjalle 454 x Beart 411), bred by Anton Schut and owned by Jaime Andrés Hoyos. The 4-year-old Geralda made promotion from Studbook to Star. Her head could be a little more expressive but she has a long neck with satisfactory vertical quality. The mare has good conformation, with a slightly sloping croup. Her walk is a bit short and needs more engagement, in trot she presented good posture and balance as well as a strong hind leg with lots of bend. Stars were also given to the 3-year-old Leyenda del Rey Star (Knight of Birkemose x Harm Ids) and the 5-year-old Evita fan Faerch Star (Markus 491 x Anton 343).

15-year-old Champion stallion

Day Champion Stallions was Xaver (Mintse 384 x Fetse 349), bred by Sebastian Schiller and in ownership of Norman Enrique Chaparro Gomez. This 15-year-old stallion already had a Star and with his noble head and lavish feathers radiated breed expression. His topline could have been a little stronger, dry quality of the legwork is satisfactory, stance of the hind leg is a bit straight. His walk lacked conviction. But he showed a really convincing, powerful trot with lots of bend in the hind leg, an uphill outline and fine use of the foreleg.

Reserve Day Champion adult stallions was the 9-year-old Royce FOM Star whose sire is Foalbook stallion Othello de Berthonval (Onne 376 x Teunis 332), his damsire is Jasper 366. Royce stands at 1.69m at withers, is longlined and oozes breed expression. He has good body shape and a long foreleg. His walk was active, the trot should be slightly more uphill but displayed satisfactory bend. In the IBOP the stallion scored 81 points, with an 8 for transitions and another 8 for canter. The second-best IBOP was for Hylke fan Boazem (Sjouke 453 x Folkert 353). With an 8 for trot his total was 77 points. Also scoring 77 points for his IBOP riding test was Tjerk Titus S Brandus 345).
A Star too for the 7-year-old stallion Will Star (Aan 416 x Ait 410), bred by T. van der Veen in Waskemeer and owned by Diluo SAS.

Overall Reserve Championship Youngsters

Youngster Champion in the colt category was Moshe (Wylster 463 x Wimer 461), who received a second premium. This 2-year-old colt is well-developed, has an expressive head and a neck with good crest. His topline is strong with a somewhat sloping croup and he has satisfactory dry legwork. Moshe moved in a roomy walk and well through the body. His trot showed impulsion and lots of bend in the hind leg.

Two Foalbook stallions in pedigree

The Youngster Champion also won the Reserve Day Champion Title Mares. Yearling Quimera was given a first premium and she has two Foalbook stallions in her lineage. Her sire is Folbert Friesians of Majesty, (Ulbert 390 x Time 389). Damsire is Othello de Berthonval Star. The youthful Quimera is high-legged, classy, has satisfactory expression of the head and a finely-shaped neck. Her topline is good, with a somewhat sloping croup and she has dry and good leg conformation. The walk was active, showing suppleness, but should be a little more ground-covering. The trot was roomy and with good use of the body and a fine foreleg.

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