Seven stallions promoted to KFPS Studbook stallion

Hielke 530 (Jurre 495 x Jisse 433) Foto: Persbureau Melissen

Hielke 530 (Jurre 495 x Jisse 433) Photo: Press Agency Melissen
On Saturday the 12th of November seven Friesian stallions received their KFPS stud license. Hildwin 528, Hilbert 529, Hielke 530, Kees 531, Jorke 532, Jimte 533 and Kanne 534 have all been added to the list of approved stallions.

Two Ulbrân 502 sons, one son each for Menne 496, Tjebbe 500, Jurre 495, Haike 482 and Omer 493

These seven stallions have all successfully completed their 70-day test. They passed their saddle- driving- and showdriving tests and among them they presented a diverse package of qualities. What’s more, these seven stallions descend from seven different dam lines and come from six different sires. And besides, all these stallions are carrier-free. For Ulbrân 502, Omer 493, Menne 496, Jurre 495 and for Tjebbe 500 these are the first sons to tread in their fathers’ footsteps.

Photos: Press Agency Melissen

Hielke 530 star of the Performance Test

The star of the test proved to be Hielke 530, born as Hielke L.W. in the Ludema family yard in Witmarsum, who are also the owners of this year’s Champion mare at the Central Inspection, a cousin of Hielke 530. The stallion with the lowest kinship of 16.8% is Hilbert 529, bred by the late Joop Veenstra. For Ulbrân 502 this was the first year to have sons in the Central Examination and he instantly reaped success with Kanne fan de Mersken, bred by the Okkema family from Siegerswoude who saw their stallion upgraded to Kanne 534. Jimte 533 – Jurre v.d. Arebo Hoeve – was bred by Reint Arends in Beilen and is by the same sire.
The first son for Tjebbe 500 also delivered the goods: Kees 531 – Kees van Raepshille – was bred by the Schrauwen family in Strijen. The first son for Omer 493 comes from the yard of the Kruis family in Heeg. After his approval Gijs K. continues life as Hildwin 528. From today onwards, Jorke fan ‘e Kamperdyk (Menne 496), bred by S.A. de Vries, can call himself Jorke 532.

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Start new stallion selection round

The announcement of the new Studbook stallions also heralds the start of the new stallion selection trajectory. The First Viewing with already 322 entered stallions is going to take place from the 28th of November through to the 2nd of December. The Second Viewing is scheduled for Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th of January during the Stallion Inspection in the WTC in Leeuwarden.

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