Swedish Friesian tour 2021

This past summer the Swedish Friesian Association ( SFHF ) decided to challenge everybody with a Friesian horse in their country to join forces and travel a distance together corresponding with Sweden’s entire length of the country.

214 combination, 47 days

From north to south this is about 1572 km, so quite the challenge! Everyone with a Friesian horse was allowed to participate and a lot of Friesian horselovers responded cumilating in to 214 combinations fullfilling the complete distance in 47 days. From Grand Prix riders to recreational riders, not just in the saddle, but walking, biking, driving and jogging with their Friesian horse. All combinations sent proof of their accomplishment through a photo or video which were posted on the association’s social media. All combinations also received a digital diploma for their participation and accomplishment. Besides being a fun and accessible activitiy for horse and owner it was an opportunity to see the different landscapes of the country and to meet new people, which resulted in a lot of new members for the Swedish Friesian Association as well!

Click here for the facebook photo’s and video’s.

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